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City of Guadalupe

In developing the Guadalupe Community Plan, graduate students from the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, City & Regional Planning Department worked with city officials and community residents to formulate three different development scenarios. From these, a preferred scenario emerged, illustrating a possible future of Guadalupe in 2030. The preferred scenario accommodates the projected population and housing needs as well as the opportunities and constraints for future growth in Guadalupe

Community Plan 7/16/2011 - 08/15/2011

Background Report 7-16/2011 - 08-15-2011

Beyond Brasilia

Image of the Beyond brasilia book cover

Brazil urbanism explored. This is the theme of CAED professors Vicente del Rio and William Siembieda new book published by the University Press of Florida. "Easily the best book on Brazilian urbanism, " says Javier de Masones, honorary president of the Spanish Planning Association. Peter Ward, Professor at the University Texas says "This superbly illustrated volume covers an impressive range of urban experiences in Brazil." Michael Dear, University of Southern California states "Radically alters our understanding just when Brazil is taking its place on the world global stage."

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3D Digital Model: City of San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly (SLO) City & Regional Planning Department has recently developed a digital three-dimensional model of the City of San Luis Obispo, with a high level of detail in the core downtown area. The model enables users to view and analyze the existing state of the city as well as proposals. Architectural compatibility, viewsheds, shades / shadows, streetscapes can now be analyzed in precision, empowering city staff and community members to make better-informed decisions. If you are interested in developing a similar digital three-dimensional model for your community and enhancing your decision-making capabilities while involving your community members, please email the CRP Department.

High areal view of a portion of the San Luis Obispo digital model Medium high areal view of a portion of the San Luis Obispo digital model Street level view of a portion of the San Luis Obispo digital model


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