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2011-2012 CBF Meetings

All CBF meetings are open. Any CRP student is welcome to attend any CBF Committee meeting to share their ideas or concerns and participate in the future of the CRP Department.

Next Meeting:

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Proposals may be made to the Committee by anyone who is a student or staff member of the University. For students and staff within the Department, it is strongly recommended that you work with your CBF representative in preparing the Proposal Packet. Proposals may be approved faster and orders can be placed in a timelier manner if the forms are filled out properly prior to the meeting.

Proposal Forms/Documents

Download Form P (pdf)
(The Proposal Form)

Download Form A (pdf)
(The Approved Proposal Form)

Direct questions concerning proposals or the proposal/approval process, to your SAFAC Representative.

CBF Representatives

TBA, 2nd Year Representative

TBA, 3rd Year Representative

TBA, 4th Year Representative

TBA, Grad Representative

TBA, Representative at Large

TBA, Faculty Representative

CBF Budgets

CBF uses three budgets. The first is a draft budget for the Academic Year. This budget is prepared in April and takes effect in May after the new committee begins meeting. The draft budget is included as a part of the End of Year Report.

The second budget is the Approved/Expenditure budget. This is a "Live", up to the minute budget of all monies appropriated and expended by CBF.

The third is the "Expenditure Plan," and is a form mandated by the College.

Archive of Budgets and Plans
Approved/Expenditure Budget Expenditure Plan
AY 2008-2009 (pdf) AY 2008-2009
AY 2007-2008 (pdf) AY 2007-2008
AY 2006-2007 AY 2006-2007

CBF Allocations

CBF Committee has made many allocations. Below is a partial listing of the items approved by the Committee. See the budget for more information about expenditures.

Digital Imaging Device (Sherman)
Computer Lab Computers
ASA Position
Grad Lab Furniture
Drafting Lab Supplies
Supplemential Course Funding
Scanner for Computer Lab
Software for the Computer Lab
APA National Conference


0809 Meeting Minutes

02-18-09 Minutes (pdf)

02-04-09 Minutes (pdf)

01-14-09 Minutes (pdf)

11-19-08 Minutes (pdf)

11-05-08 Minutes (pdf)

10-29-08 Minutes (pdf)

10-22-08 Minutes (pdf)

10-08-08 Minutes (pdf)